Naming the Studio "Art by the Yard": During my 20 year career as a Graphic Designer, clients would occasionally say "That much for a tiny little logo?" I'd jokingly answer, "You don't sell art by the yard." My first summer in my new studio on Copper Creek at Mt. Rainier proved that was not true! I'd work for awhile on a painting, then I'd find myself drawn to the "yard" to pull weeds, listen to the creek or plant wildflowers while I pondered my art. . . then I'd go back into the studio to work more on the painting. I realized I was, at last, making "Art by the Yard".

The studio is a newly renovated cabin on Copper Creek in Washington State near Mt Rainier National Park. It was built in the 1930's as a vacation cabin, then later used as the wash room for laundering linens and bedding. It is surrounded by 6.5 acres and includes 750 feet of Copper Creek frontage, plenty of "yard" for gardens, flowers, and forested areas with trails for solitude and meditation.

The property has been a vacation resort since the early 1930's. The first cabins were built in the early 20's by a lumber baron from South Bend, Washington.

My husband and I live in the Creekside Cabin. Four additional cabins on the property are beautiful and charming vacation rentals. We marvel daily at how fortunate we are to live on this beautiful place, with deer and elk in our front yard and the National Forest our next door neighbor.

Art by the Yard is a working studio! You can drop in just about anytime and find projects in the works. Studio tours are by appointment only. Give me a call if you'd like to visit.


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